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100% Genuine Silver Gelatin Photographs     

Photography today is confusing. When you purchase a photograph either online or from an Artist at an Art Show, can you be sure of what you're buying? Today, photographers are producing their art in a varity of ways. 

Some examples are:

    1.   Photographs are taken with film and the film is scanned to a computer and into a software product such as photoshop. In photoshop, the image is sometimes manipulated before being printed via an inkjet printer onto Digital Photo paper for sale.

    2.   A second technique I'm seeing more and more these days is a film negative is scanned as in the first example and then the digital file is shipped to a company where it is printed onto canvas, much like a painting.

    3.   A third technique is simply to take a digital picture with a digital camera. The image is loaded onto a computer and via Photoshop, Aperature, or Lightroom software, the final image is printed via inkjet printers onto Digital photo/Inkjet paper. 

    4.   Some photographers also offer a mix of Silver Gelatin and Digital Inkjet photographs for sale. The Silver Gelatin work is sold as an Original and is more expensive. The Digital work is sold as a copy of the original at a cheaper price, thus making the work available to a wider audiance with varying budgets. 


I now offer both Silver Gelatin and digital photographs. All of the photographs I offer for sale, either framed or matted and wrapped, in the true Silver Gelatin format, are created individually by hand in a Traditional "Wet Tray" Darkroom. 

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