When I decided to take up photography as a second career, my first serious photo shoot was Maine. It was March, and in the North, still very cold. I tend to take all of my photographs at the end of Winter, when nature is still stark and cold and the tourists are yet to arrive. I'm able to travel and survey the landscapes before, basking in the quite and solitude of nature unspoiled at that moment. 

Maine holds a place in my heart and is very dear to me. I've traveled there five our six times over the years to photograph the rugged coastline. Each day I rise early search for my shot. Each evening I sit in the B&B, sipping a drink and maybe reading a few pages from a Stephen King novel. After all, King's books are centered in Maine, and they tend to remind me of the unique feeling one gets when wandering through the backroads along the coast. Quite and mysterious.

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