Book Box Set - $175

Our new photo book entitled "Scene from the Road" was made available to the public in 2009. The book measures approximately 8"x10" and includes over 30 photographic images from Maine, Virginia, West Virginia, Cape Fear, California and Arizona. Each section of the book contains the artists observations of each state presented as well as a description of each photograph.

Included with the book are two hand made limited edition Silver Gelatin 8x10 photographs, one from Monument Valley, Arizona and one from Yosemite, California.  Both are signed and numbered and each contains a Certificate of Authenticity. Each photograph is normally sold for $85 and photo book is normally offered at $90 for a total cost of $260. This box set is priced at $175.

This Box Set is presented in an elegant black box suitable for storage or wrapping as a gift.

 * Monument Valley #1

Yosemite #5

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